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When trading in the financial markets it can be very time consuming to find a broker that meets your needs.

You would have to visit and read many broker websites all of which have different language and wording for the same thing. The wording can be very confusing.
You are not sure who is trust worthy and who offers the best deal.

I realized there was a need to put all of this broker information into a common format and resource.
So it would be easy and quick to see who was the best broker for Forex trading or commodities.
That is how comparebrokers.co was born.

Founded by Andrew B
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lumer, Andrew is a seasoned finance professional. Andrew attended secondary school at the Belmont Hill School in Belmont, MA. He later earned a BA degree in economics in 1991 from Harvard College and an MBA degree in 1996 from Harvard Business School.
Andrew has a well established career in fintech.
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